I’m going to start off by saying – long distance relationships are a bitch. They’re no fun at all. But I’m a fool in love, so what can I say? Suck it up, and treasure the time you have together. And you know what, when you hardly get time together, it makes everything all the more precious. Funny how the universe works, eh?

My favourite memory from my London trip has to be waking up in the morning, looking over to Wesley (sometimes he’d be up working already) and saying “Breakfast, please!” He would laugh, call me a pig (duh, still in bed and already asking for food), then make me a ham and cheese sandwich plus a banana (peeled and sliced!) on the side. He’d say the banana’s because I need fruits in my diet, but really, it’s because we ordered too many and they were ripening fast. Hahaha.

Oh, how time flies.