(Un)Officially a Graduate!

BOOOOYAHHHHHHH!!!!! I am finally done with school! Wow. Wow, wow, wow. I was so exhausted today to fully soak in the moment. If I had more energy, I probably would have rolled around campus green like Jason and Larissa suggested (not that I am going to now, don’t try guys).

Wow. Hahaha. I am lost for words. I am SO happy, I feel SO free, and I’m very very excited! I feel very blessed to be graduating with such confidence and optimism, optimism for what’s to come now that I’ve graduated. Obviously I have not recovered much of my brain power yet since I can’t even put my excitement properly in words. But anyways, I’m off to pack my luggage, flying off in 8 hours!

Preliminary list of things to do now that I’ve graduated:

1. Clean my room

2. Clean the house

3. Set up our new office

4. Book tickets for Ivan’s exchange to Canada and

5. PLAN OUR MONTH LONG DECEMBER HOLIDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY DOWN THE WEST COAST!!! (Now, this shows that I’m truly happy to have graduated. Whee!)


Presentation Mode

It’s the end of week 10 and I’m all ready for projects! Call me weird, but this is my favourite part of the entire semester. I don’t like exams, or individual reports. But I absolutely love discussing interesting projects and creating killer slides. And the moment you get hit with the right presentation flow, you’re golden.

Anyway, this week has been a mentally and physically challenging week. I’m getting very little sleep in between 6 hour shoots, editing photos, rushing assignments, and going for project meetings. I’ve also got a weekend trip to settle some stuff overseas, and ton of work to catch up on. But on the bright side, I’ll soon be 4 weeks away from graduating! Woohoo!


It only hits you when you actually file for graduation and click “Submit” (or OK, or whatever, I don’t remember what the button was). So yes, I’m graduating in May! Oh god, has four years passed already??? I can so clearly remember so many things, my SMU interview, matriculation, orientation, CCA day, internships, exchange… It can’t possibly be four years!

I’m gonna promote SMU a little bit here, so them haters, be gone! Lol. I have never for a single day regretted choosing SMU over the other two universities. I knew what I wanted – a smaller school with seminar-style lessons – much like what I had in junior college. A smaller (and younger) school had its benefits, SMU worked hard to promote the school and its students, and people out there were noticing. Everything SMU did for me and made me go through (including classes like CAT and Finishing Touch), love it or hate it, definitely prepared me well for the corporate world. I did 3 amazing internships, I got to go on exchange to the US, and I was part of the investment club where I made some of my bestest friends. I loved having my 3-day timetable, I loved rushing for projects with my friends (I know, weird), and most of all, I love love love presentations. And of course I hated exams, I’m still 10% a regular kid after all.

So finally, it’s time for this chapter to come to an end. In just about 3 months, I’ll be done with school. In fact, 20 years of school! When I say it like that it just sounds so much more epic. Hahahaha. I hate sappy endings, and despite being supersam, I cry easily. But hey, this might just be the start of an amazing journey. Here’s to 20 years of studying, and lets say, 40 (oh the horror, 50?) YEARS OF WORKING!!! Hahaha. EPIC, RIGHT? I knew it ­čśë

Ah, Week 1

School has just started and I always hate the transition from holiday to school. After being so used to waking up after noon everyday, and driving around everywhere, I hate having to wake up for morning classes and taking the bus. I don’t mean to sound princess-y or anything, but it takes me an hour to get to school. After you factor in bus waiting times, and a possible jam, it really does get on your nerves.

But of course, being a senior has its perks. For one, I’m flying off to Bali tomorrow. I think it’s a much deserved holiday for Ivan and myself. What with him busy with his entre stuff (I would so love to show you his website, it’s AWESOME and he coded it HIMSELF *awe*), and my sis and I with the launch of our new site. Things have been going swimmingly well, but of course with every business, I have to constantly think – what next? Thankfully I have a fantastic sister who bears with my constant chatting late into the night.

Don’t know if I’ll take much pictures in Bali, if I do I don’t even think I’ll have the discipline to upload them here. But I know for sure that Ivan and I are gonna have so much fun. We have nothing┬áplanned, so we’ll just figure out what to do when we’re there! I’m thinking surfing, reading on the beach, and a ton of people watching. Hahaha. Perhaps we’ll visit some nearby island, or do stuff that we haven’t done before – snorkeling, jet skiing, kite surfing. I. CAN’T. WAIT!


For my fellow SMUggers who are too cool for twitter, here are some funny tweets from @fakeSMU to tide you through the last week of the semester

5-word SMUgger mottos:

  • Sleep is for the weak
  • My favourite number is 4 (referring to GPA)
  • I eat exams for lunch

Ok actually that’s all they tweeted lol. But for some positive perspective, MY SEMESTER ENDS IN EXACTLY ONE WEEK! Time for a countdown! Wheeeee! And also, I think my iPad arrives tomorrow. Can’t wait!

Hell Week

This Halloween, SMU has gone all out to scare us with… HELL WEEEK (cue ominous music in background).

Hell, defined as a place of suffering (ok of course with some religious connotations but let’s ignore that for now), is what school is right now. Oh and it’s not just 1 week of hell, it’s a prolonged period of suffering, spanning over 2 to 3 weeks.┬áThis coming week I’ve got 2 project submissions, 1 quiz, and 2 presentations. Next week I’ve got a quiz, 1 project submission, and 1 presentation. It’s hell I tell you, HELL!

Oh and the non-cherry on top of the disgusting crap that is hell week, I’VE GOT CLASS THIS SATURDAY… from 7pm to 10pm. F!

On another note, I really hope the floods in Thailand recede soon. Bangkok’s one of the places I love in the world, so Nature, please be kind!

What weekend?


Recently saw this on Tumblr and I’m just like WOW. This dress is amazing! The colours, the detail. Dammit I wish I had the body (ie TALLER lol) to pull off super hawt dresses. I also wish I had legs of steel to bear an entire day with heels. Looks like it ain’t gonna happen. Hahaha

On another note, the weekend is over. How did that happen? Lol. Spent the whole of Saturday in school, rushing for a project submission. It was so awesome and epic we made a video of our submission. And not to forget the “amazing race” to get our slides printed, and walking back with a cool swagger just cos we’ve got 45 minutes to spare. One day, five years down the road, I’m gonna look back on this submission day and go “Ah, good times” lol!