Unfortunately, March wasn’t a good running month for me. The entire month basically flew by, what with travels, work, and family commitments. Although I ran much lesser than what I would’ve expected of myself, I hiked a lot more. I managed to bring Douglas and Jason out for hikes (separately) and it’s awesome to finally have people join me on my hikes. Most people are turned off by the idea of hiking – the sun, the humidity, the mud – and I’ve been trying really hard to find like-minded people because I want to travel the world and hike all these amazing trails but it’s impossible to do it alone. Sighhhhh.

Mar 4 – Mar 10: 5 km
Mar 11 – Mar 17: 10 km
Mar 18 – Mar 24: 6.1 km
Mar 25 – Mar 31: 6 km



Still can’t believe February’s already over. Starting to freak out a little about my resolutions for the year. But oh well, nothing a good run and hike can’t fix!

Had another amazing hike today. I started my run at 4 pm so that I could go for a longer hike today. I took a different route and wound up at Bukit Timah. Oh my god. I couldn’t believe I’d hiked that far! And I wound up having to jog home from Bukit Timah cos I would have died if I had to hike back to Dairy Farm. Also, I had no money so I couldn’t even take the bus home. Lol. Anyway, my runs for February –

Feb 4 – Feb 10: 3 km (I stupidly fell sick before Chinese New Year)
Feb 11 – Feb 17: 7.4 km
Feb 18 – Feb 24: 15 km + hike
Feb 25 – Mar 3: 20 km + hike

I recently took up pilates at the community centre and I’m loving it! At least it adds some variety to my otherwise boring exercise regime. On a random note, I kinda miss rock climbing but my upcoming schedule doesn’t look very empty :/


Dec 3 – Dec 9: 10.4 km
Dec 10 – Dec 16: 6 km
Dec 17 – Dec 23: 22.5 km + climb
Dec 24 – Dec 30: Cycle

Not exactly a good running month. Got bogged down with work, travel, and the holidays. But then again, there’s no excuse for a bad month. Also, I haven’t really sat down to reflect on 2012 and set my resolutions for 2013. But I’m keeping the following quote in mind while I ponder.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery


Nov 5 – Nov 11: 14 km
Nov 12 – Nov 18: 19.2 km
Nov 19 – Nov 25: 19.1 km + hike + 2 climbs
Nov 26 – Dec 2: 34.1 km (including my half marathon)

Be positive, ignore the critic, follow your heart, invest in your passions, believe in your dreams and get busy making them reality. — Josh Cox, U.S. 50-k record holder


Oct 1 – Oct 7: 14.7 km
Oct 8 – Oct 14: 7.5 km
Oct 15 – Oct 21: 25.7 km
Oct 22 – Oct 28: 7 km + climbing
Oct 29 – Nov 4: 12.7 km

For the first time ever, I ran more than 10 km in a single run! Oh my goodness, so proud of myself right now. Ran the usual 8k with my cousin, then just when I was done and back at my gate, my neighbour was heading out for a run. So I decided to be a little crazy tonight and joined her for another 20 minutes. Wow wow wow.


More exercise blabber, I apologize in advance. My runs in September –

Sep 3 – Sep 9: 20.25 km + swim
Sep 10 – Sep 16: 26.1 km + hike
Sep 17 – Sep 23: 12.5 km
Sep 24 – Sep 30: 16.5 km + swim + hike

I’m attempting to add more variety so I don’t just run every day. I’m swimming and hiking on my running off-days. I’ve signed Fiona and myself up for a level 1 climbing certification course that starts in late October. Also, I just bought new running shoes today. Awesome. Never thought that one sport could change me so much, physically and mentally. I love running.