Sundown 2013


I completed the Sundown half marathon last Friday in 2:23:39, which was pretty good considering it was my first time finishing the entire thing at my own pace. I ran my only other half marathon last December with Sharon and it was an easy pace which didn’t quite drain me out at the end. This time round, my legs were cramping like crazy towards the end and I kept having to stop and stretch. What an experience!

Anyways, my timing meant an average pace of 6m 49s per km and an average speed of 8.8 kmh. I’ve been “studying” my results and I’m really glad I’ve something concrete to work towards now on my own runs!

I’m finally on a break and spending a couple of days in Hong Kong, resting from a very hectic work trip in China. May was honestly a tiring month and this break couldn’t have come sooner. My legs however, are itching to run already. Hahaha.