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For my fellow SMUggers who are too cool for twitter, here are some funny tweets from @fakeSMU to tide you through the last week of the semester

5-word SMUgger mottos:

  • Sleep is for the weak
  • My favourite number is 4 (referring to GPA)
  • I eat exams for lunch

Ok actually that’s all they tweeted lol. But for some positive perspective, MY SEMESTER ENDS IN EXACTLY ONE WEEK! Time for a countdown! Wheeeee! And also, I think my iPad arrives tomorrow. Can’t wait!

Ahhhh did you know?

Ok I know I’m super lag in the social media game, given that I’ve only started a twitter account 3 days ago. In my defense, I had one 3 years ago. I forgot all about it, then today I decided to figure out which bugger took my samanthasoh or samanthasohyuling and I found my old self @samanthasoh lol. D’oh!

ANYWAY, DID YOU KNOW THE SIMPSONS ARE ON TWITTER??? Omgomgomgomgomg lol. Go follow them! They’re HILARIOUS! Find Homer @HomerJSimpson and Comic Book Guy @ComicBookGuy. Bart’s there too but Homer and Comic Book Guy update more often and are super hilarious. Lol. Some of Homer’s tweets (btw he sounds way too intelligent on Twitter. You’ll know what I mean. A few of the following tweets are too smart for Homer):

The first person I saw when I opened my eyes was my loving Dad. So I shut my eyes and faked another 11 hours of coma.

Thinking about going to the gym. Sorry, mistyped. I meant the cheese-steak place.

Does anyone have something for a headache? By headache I mean Bart, and by something I mean an ice dungeon somewhere in Antarctica.

I’m so excited to watch that new porno show on Fox, “The X Factor!”

Marge tells me “The X Factor” is not porno but an English guy yelling at people trying to sing. Which to me is an incredible turn-on.

Have fun!

Laughter, the best calorie burner

It’s annoying that isn’t updating as often as I wish it would. Dammit. I’ve been getting my weekly dose of laughter from “The Man Show”. Basically two guys being MANLY. Here’s some MANliness for you:

“Went for a jog on Sunday, climbed Everest by accident”

“I went for a jog just now, you know, around the planet”

And from their Twitter, “The Man Show doesn’t have a Facebook page cos Facebook’s servers can’t contain the number of ladies that would like the page”

Lol. Love those dudes.

Just some short updates. Had an amazing weekend. I finally had lunch/dinner at Bar Bar on Saturday, haven’t visited it since I came back from the US. It’s definitely of my favourite places to chillax – but then again, I don’t really go around looking for chillaxing places, so my knowledge/awareness of cool places in Singapore is very limited.ย Then the usual tri-uni study gathering with Toff and Ivan on Monday. We spent some time developing film and printing photos. Can’t believe I’ve known these two for 9 years now. Wow. It’s always fun reminiscing. Heh



And the website is so bloody laggy! I keep reposting super funny stuffs on my tumblr, so don’t waste your time on, follow my tumblr instead (HAHAHA). I tell Ivan that I filter out only the good stuff ๐Ÿ˜‰ LOL

Ok back to studying. On a Saturday. FML.

Oh right, one awesome thing to add to my otherwise pathetic life – IVAN AND I ARE GOING BALI NEXT JANUARY! WOOHOOOOO! I miss Bali so much I could write an essay. But I won’t. Because I have to study now. FML (again).