Woohooo! Completed my first ever half marathon today and I feel amaaaaazing! Couldn’t have done it without Sharon, for signing up and running alongside me the entire race, and my cousins who trained up with me over the past few months. The weather was perfect and the route was amazing. Sharon and I even stopped at Universal Studios Singapore to snap a photo with a Sesame Street van (sadly there was a queue for the Penguins of Madagascar). Lol! Can’t wait to sign up for my next race!

Level 1: 40%


Run for Hope

I RAN MY FIRST 10K TODAY!!! AND I RAN FROM START TO FINISH!!! Hohoho. So very happy. I was about to give up at the last kilometer but I told myself “you’ll regret it even more if you stopped.” Wow, the power of the mind. Lol. Then Sharon and I hung out for a bit in school, and I KO-ed once I got home. Photos at the start and at the end –

Woke up in the afternoon to catch a movie with Jason and I have to say, The Perks of Being a Wallflower is one of the few movies that does justice to the book! I remember reading The Hunger Games and felt that the movie left out so many good parts. One thing though, I wished the movie emphasized all the quotes mentioned in the book. Cos if you didn’t know about the quotes prior to watching the movie, e.g. “And in that moment, I swear we were infinite”, you wouldn’t smile so happily like I did when I heard it. Just anticipating him narrating it when they were in the tunnel was so exciting.

Level 1: 20%

Back to Reality

I’M BACK!!!! Hahahaha. “Back to reality” was the first phrase Jon said the moment we landed. WHAT A FUN TRIP! This was the first time I travelled overseas with friends. I usually only travel with Ivan or my mom and sis, so this was a whole new experience. I’m so so so so glad we pulled this off cos knowing how busy we all are, getting a group of people to take 4 days off for a holiday together is TOUGH!

Our hotel/villa was really far away from the city centre and the touristy parts of Krabi, so getting anywhere was time consuming and expensive. But on the bright side, we had almost every meal in the hotel for free, and the food was awesome! So just a quick summary –

Day 1 – rained the moment we landed and we wound up spending the day in. Watched two movies, Prestige and In Time.

Day 2 – visited Krabi town and Tiger caves/temple, ending with dinner at some roadside market stalls.

Day 3 – Phi Phi Island tour. This cost us about SG$60 per person. We visited a few bay areas and even snorkelled twice!

Day 4 – Had good intentions to go for a tour to the Emerald Pool, but laziness got the better of us and we wound up staying in playing monopoly deal, bridge, dai dee, and having drinks.

Time passes real quickly when you’re having fun, but I’m also glad to be back. I absolutely loved this trip, the good company, the whole chillaxing environment, and all the laughter we shared. Unfortunately, I think it’s unlikely that another trip will happen again any time this year or next, given our crazy schedules.

Happy Birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASON! Ok this post is like 1 hour after your birth-DAY but which other friend dedicates a blogpost for your birthday?!! (Ok fine, none of our friends blog but my point still stands!)

You have really started showing traits of growing older the past few weeks, what with your FFF and house planning lol. DOESN’T MATTER! Age is just a number! Deep down inside you’re a kid at Disneyland. We know it to be true 😉

Anyway, may you grow wiser, richer, and happier as you age. Stay true to yourself even as the working world consumes you, and thanks for being such an awesome friend throughout my university journey 🙂 WOOHOO! QUARTER-LIFE ACHIEVED!

So Loved

A quick post before I take a nap.

I felt so loved today when 9 of my closest friends turned up for a surprise lunch at Aston’s. I kinda guessed there’ll be something planned after Jason shiftily moved his laptop away from me in class. And Darryl kinda gave it away cos I had no plans of lunching with him, so when he said “Oh we’re going to Aston’s?” I was like uhhhhhh something’s going on. Lol. Lunch was supposed to be a catch up session between Janice, Chien-I and myself, so when 6 other people showed up, I was pleasantly surprised.  I’ve mentioned before how hard it is for my group of friends to all meet up for anything. We usually have such different schedules that it’s hard for all of us to commit to one date.

So guys, once again, thanks for the surprise, I felt so loved that all of you turned up! Having you guys as my CCA-mates and groupmates have made my SMU life so enjoyable. Here’s to the future! And on birthdays, we cheers with cake! Woohoo!


In the spirit of expanding social circles, I met up with Gen, Kenneth, Matt, Darryl and a bunch of Gen’s friends for dinner and post-dinner hanging out. It was honestly the first non-drinking hang out sessions that lasted till 2+ in the morning. Rather random, but fun.

I’ve always wanted a big group of close friends, but never really had it. I turned out to be more of an individual-friend friend, like I’m very close to a few, but separate, friends. I don’t really have a big group of friends who meet up regularly.

Moving on, I would think I treasure friends a lot. I hope I’m a good enough friend, more importantly, a reliable friend. But I don’t think I ever trusted anyone fully, other than my family and Ivan, I stopped believing that friends last forever. I used to have a bff, the one person I was certain I would be best friends with even when I was old and wrinkly. We were in the same primary and secondary schools, we had similar interests, we could finish each others sentences, and more importantly, we knew we wanted to grow old and marry cool boys and be living in houses next to each other. We even had retirement plans of owning our own ice cream van and selling snacks to small kids. Lol! But anyhow, one day, out of the blue, she just cut off all ties with me. Ivan’s the only one who truly knew how affected I was, hoping that each time she called was to explain what happened, but it just wasn’t it. So from then on, the birthday wishes stopped, the house visits stopped, and I guess I just stopped believing that friends last forever.

Ok ramble over. My silly 5am brain always ponders so it’s time to shut it down. Goodnight!

What weekend?


Recently saw this on Tumblr and I’m just like WOW. This dress is amazing! The colours, the detail. Dammit I wish I had the body (ie TALLER lol) to pull off super hawt dresses. I also wish I had legs of steel to bear an entire day with heels. Looks like it ain’t gonna happen. Hahaha

On another note, the weekend is over. How did that happen? Lol. Spent the whole of Saturday in school, rushing for a project submission. It was so awesome and epic we made a video of our submission. And not to forget the “amazing race” to get our slides printed, and walking back with a cool swagger just cos we’ve got 45 minutes to spare. One day, five years down the road, I’m gonna look back on this submission day and go “Ah, good times” lol!