Falling Sick

I think I caught the flu bug and I’m starting to feel feverish. Another explanation could be the too-awesome food I had the past 2 days. Hahaha. My little family celebrated Mother’s Day on Saturday instead of the actual day and I brought them to No Signboard Seafood for my mom’s favourite white pepper crab. MMMMMMM.

Well we celebrated Mother’s Day one day early cos Fiona and I had a 6 hour shoot today. Totally exhausted, but as always, very rewarding. We took a short break in the middle and surprised Tisha with cupcakes for her birthday! And YES the cupcakes were from Baked by Lace! Hahahaha. I got “scolded” by Lace, cos even after knowing her for 4+ years, this is the first time I’m buying her cupcakes. Or as she jokingly says, CUPKEK. Lol. In my defense, I’m not a huge fan of bread/cake, so even though I’ve never bought her cupcakes before, I swear I’ve never bought anyone else’s too! Hahaha. And of course being the gracious person that she is, she helped me mix in a few flavours! I tried sea salt caramel, strawberries and cream, and banana split! Not a big fan of bananas so I only tried the first two. AND THEY ARE GOOD. I SWEAR. Go try them!


Laughter, the best calorie burner

It’s annoying that iwastesomuchtime.com isn’t updating as often as I wish it would. Dammit. I’ve been getting my weekly dose of laughter from “The Man Show”. Basically two guys being MANLY. Here’s some MANliness for you:

“Went for a jog on Sunday, climbed Everest by accident”

“I went for a jog just now, you know, around the planet”

And from their Twitter, “The Man Show doesn’t have a Facebook page cos Facebook’s servers can’t contain the number of ladies that would like the page”

Lol. Love those dudes.

Just some short updates. Had an amazing weekend. I finally had lunch/dinner at Bar Bar on Saturday, haven’t visited it since I came back from the US. It’s definitely of my favourite places to chillax – but then again, I don’t really go around looking for chillaxing places, so my knowledge/awareness of cool places in Singapore is very limited. Then the usual tri-uni study gathering with Toff and Ivan on Monday. We spent some time developing film and printing photos. Can’t believe I’ve known these two for 9 years now. Wow. It’s always fun reminiscing. Heh

Me versus the Crab

I love eating crabs, but they aren’t the cheapest food in Singapore. So it really helps that Irvin’s at River Valley Road has crabs from $19.90. Ivan and I ordered the Chilli Crab and the Salted Egg Crab. Apparently the Salted Egg Crab is very famous and it was definitely yummy! It satisfies any salted egg craving you have. Hahaha. So if you’re craving salted egg prawns (like I was) or mooncake (because of the yolk), the salted egg crab will definitely satisfy your cravings lol. The chilli crab however was not that good. I’ve had much better, but I won’t complain. The price makes it all good 😀

Pictures from my lousy iPhone:


Chilli Crab


Salted Egg Crab

Cheers, Sam