Time flies. It’s been 10 years since my dad passed on, and while I allow myself to be sad this one day a year, I felt almost no sadness last Sunday. Even when I went hiking alone so I can allow myself to feel pathetically sad to the core, sadness just didn’t wash over me like it used to in the years past. Perhaps it is true, that time heals all wounds. Or maybe I’ve grown.

Anyways, I’ve crossed off another bucket list item. I can’t believe it took me so long to cross it off. I found courage in the most unlikely place, and I’m glad I did.

Level 2: 40%




Traveled all the way down to the Expo with Douglas to collect our race packs for this Sunday’s run and we wound up buying a ton of stuff – sport shoes, visor, energy gel, vitamin Cs. Lol. And the day ended perfectly with us eating my favorite teppanyaki for dinner at Tampines Mall. YUMS. Really looking forward to the run this Sunday, my first ever half marathon!


Who would’ve thought that at 23, I can still say “I’M SO DARN PROUD OF MY LITTLE SISTER”? And yes! It’s because my little sister passed her driving test today!!! ON HER FIRST TRY! Woohooo! The past few days were hilarious. I drove her to the driving school a couple times, and each time I’d go on and on about how I put in my share of effort for her driving lessons and if she didn’t pass on her first try I was going to disown her (no pressure). Then when her boyfriend said that she’ll probably fail, I stared him down and said “PLEASE, SHE’S A SOH”. So… it’s a good thing she passed, else my overconfidence would’ve been so embarrassing. Hahahahaha.

I’m really excited to take her out on her first drive! Oh, wonderful memories of my boldness when I first passed. See, for most kids, after you get your license, your dad/mom sits beside you and monitors your driving. At least that’s the case for all my cousins. But I didn’t have someone to do that with me – my dad’s gone, and my mom can’t drive for nuts. So yea, I had a lot of guts back then. The day I got my license, I immediately rented a car. Hahahaha SuperSam ftw.

Now comes the sticky issue of sharing the car. Bleh. I shall sleep on that. But still, CONGRATS FIONA!


My exhausting weekend started on Friday, then we had two shoots on both Saturday and Sunday. And birthday celebrations for my uncle (Saturday), Kelvin (Sunday), and Nicholas (Monday).

My 4 cousins and I squeezed into my tiny car and headed for Japanese buffet to celebrate Kelvin’s birthday (a delusional 28-going-on-25) and his proposal to his girlfriend –

Then on Monday, after rushing out some work, my 3 cousins and I went to Universal Studios Singapore (like, finally) to celebrate Nicholas’s 20th birthday. USS wasn’t really impressive, but the company made all the difference. We even rode the Battlestar Galactica IN THE RAIN, FRONT ROW. Hahahahaha. We were drenched and our faces hurt cos the rain was just unforgivingly pelting our faces.

And, when you go out with 3 boys, and you say “Guys, pose for a photo”, they don’t do the usual stand-there-looking-macho pose. They’ll say “OK LET’S HANG ON THIS THING, IT’S WAY COOLER”. I’m sure they’d throw in a pull-up or two if there weren’t so many people staring at them. Tsk tsk.

Roasted turkey legs, my favorite in Universal Studios Florida – but unfortunately they were sold out today.


Tea and Books

Finished The Last Lecture early this week and I thought it wasn’t that good. I guess I shouldn’t have read another “inspirational” book right after Tuesdays with Morrie. I’m now halfway through The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Can’t wait to watch the movie. Need more books to read. Bleh.

Have been spending a lot more time with my family lately. Fiona and I went rock climbing on Saturday and I’m planning on going back once Fiona’s done with her exams. So fingers crossed, I’ll get to climb again in December. Spent Sunday with my mom at IKEA and found in the frozen food section, *hold your breath* ROSTI! Oh my god. Bought 2 boxes home and cooked some the next day. Wasn’t fantastic, tasted too much of onions. Looks like I’ve to head back to Marche for my rosti fix again. Bleh.

Also, I’ve been running a lot with my cousins lately. We go for runs maybe twice a week. It’s pretty fun actually. There’s 5 of us in the group, whenever one of us feels like going for a run, we ask the group. Those who can make it will arrange a time and a road junction to meet up (we all stay really close). It helps that my cousins are mostly still studying or are in the army so they’re pretty flexible on time. And running with a group really helps me run faster and longer. Plus, they’re boys, so, I’m always trying to keep up. On a separate note, I was supposed to go hiking with Douglas yesterday but the weather was being a bitch. So, no conquering of Bukit Timah Hill this week. Bleh, again.

The weather’s dampening my mood. I shall drink more tea and be zen. Hahaha.

Little Joys

Because I work from my uncle’s place, I get my daily dose of cuteness at 5pm when my two cousins come back from the childcare center. Our conversations always go like this –

Me: How was school today? Did you study hard?
*Sheepish grin plastered on their faces, like “hello what is this “studying hard” you ask us every day?”*
Colin: I like English
Cohen: I like Math
And very cleverly avoiding the topic of whether they studied hard…
Colin: I baked cookies today. You want one? I’m keeping 3 for my mommy and daddy.

Hahaha. Adorable.