Sundown 2013


I completed the Sundown half marathon last Friday in 2:23:39, which was pretty good considering it was my first time finishing the entire thing at my own pace. I ran my only other half marathon last December with Sharon and it was an easy pace which didn’t quite drain me out at the end. This time round, my legs were cramping like crazy towards the end and I kept having to stop and stretch. What an experience!

Anyways, my timing meant an average pace of 6m 49s per km and an average speed of 8.8 kmh. I’ve been “studying” my results and I’m really glad I’ve something concrete to work towards now on my own runs!

I’m finally on a break and spending a couple of days in Hong Kong, resting from a very hectic work trip in China. May was honestly a tiring month and this break couldn’t have come sooner. My legs however, are itching to run already. Hahaha.



Unfortunately, March wasn’t a good running month for me. The entire month basically flew by, what with travels, work, and family commitments. Although I ran much lesser than what I would’ve expected of myself, I hiked a lot more. I managed to bring Douglas and Jason out for hikes (separately) and it’s awesome to finally have people join me on my hikes. Most people are turned off by the idea of hiking – the sun, the humidity, the mud – and I’ve been trying really hard to find like-minded people because I want to travel the world and hike all these amazing trails but it’s impossible to do it alone. Sighhhhh.

Mar 4 – Mar 10: 5 km
Mar 11 – Mar 17: 10 km
Mar 18 – Mar 24: 6.1 km
Mar 25 – Mar 31: 6 km


Still can’t believe February’s already over. Starting to freak out a little about my resolutions for the year. But oh well, nothing a good run and hike can’t fix!

Had another amazing hike today. I started my run at 4 pm so that I could go for a longer hike today. I took a different route and wound up at Bukit Timah. Oh my god. I couldn’t believe I’d hiked that far! And I wound up having to jog home from Bukit Timah cos I would have died if I had to hike back to Dairy Farm. Also, I had no money so I couldn’t even take the bus home. Lol. Anyway, my runs for February –

Feb 4 – Feb 10: 3 km (I stupidly fell sick before Chinese New Year)
Feb 11 – Feb 17: 7.4 km
Feb 18 – Feb 24: 15 km + hike
Feb 25 – Mar 3: 20 km + hike

I recently took up pilates at the community centre and I’m loving it! At least it adds some variety to my otherwise boring exercise regime. On a random note, I kinda miss rock climbing but my upcoming schedule doesn’t look very empty :/


Life has been rather uneventful of late so I don’t have much to write. The highlight of the past week was probably me cooking (*shock*) rosti. I have an unhealthy obsession with potatoes. I absolutely love potatoes. I love them fried, baked, sliced, diced. Yum yum.

I’ve been climbing a lot more frequently lately, but am unfortunately still not very good. Also, I managed to drag my sis out for a hike on Sunday (*double shock*). I usually hike alone, so it’s really nice to have someone to hike with and chat along the way. Midway during our hike I told her “Oh, right, I forgot. Please don’t tell mom how dangerous it actually is.” Hilarious.

My running is also back on track and I can feel myself getting better. I try to run a 10km run at least once a week, the other days I’m just at the gym running shorter distances. Got complimented at the gym yesterday, ego boost muahahaha.

“Running has always been a relief and a sanctuary – something that makes me feel good, both physically and mentally. For me it’s not so much about the health benefits. Those are great, but I believe that the best thing about running is the joy that it brings to life” — Kara Goucher

Interesting read – There’s More to Life Than Being Happy


My latest running song, so very catchy! Lost a bit of my running mojo after my half marathon, plus the holiday season left me with little running time/energy. BUT I’m somewhat back on track, climbed for a good few hours yesterday and conquered a 5C route which I could never complete previously. Also, clocked 8.5km today, so all is well – somewhat.


Nov 5 – Nov 11: 14 km
Nov 12 – Nov 18: 19.2 km
Nov 19 – Nov 25: 19.1 km + hike + 2 climbs
Nov 26 – Dec 2: 34.1 km (including my half marathon)

Be positive, ignore the critic, follow your heart, invest in your passions, believe in your dreams and get busy making them reality. — Josh Cox, U.S. 50-k record holder