Let’s talk customer service

If I blog about the same thing twice, it really must mean something. Today I really experienced what true customer service was, and it’s from, surprise surprise, my car mechanic.

My friends know my car woes. My car’s about 6.5-7 years old now, and it has old-man problems like wiring issues, battery issues, yada yada. I was most recently stuck at Sentosa with a dead battery and brought it to my mechanic. I stuck with them cos they provided really good service and charged extremely decent rates. Even when I did a major change, got new tyres and all, they didn’t take that as an opportunity to charge me extra (earlier post here).

Today my car died again. It’s like the third time in a month. I’ve been delaying getting the car thoroughly checked cos I’m having exams, so yeah it’s totally my fault that it died on me again. So when I couldn’t start it earlier, I called my mechanic. That was at 8pm. He drove down with his family (I felt so bad! They were probably having dinner or something) right away and jump started my car. We drove our cars down to his workshop and he even sent me home. OH MY GOD. Come, tell me, which other mechanic would do that?!

So if you’re in need of a good mechanic who’s honest and experienced, go check them out.


Car Stuff

Ok I’m not sure who’s gonna be that interested in this post, but heck. I spent 4 hours at the mechanic today so that’s worth something.

So let’s start with, the car. I bought it 3 years ago with the sole purpose of getting from A to B. I was so cheapo that the only thing I “upgraded” for was to get an auto car instead of a manual one. I didn’t even bother getting leather seats. So unfortunately, my car isn’t the most comfortable ride. But it gets you from A to B, so there.

The car was a real steal, but there were many small bumps along the way that “taught” me the responsibilities of owning a car. Insurance for one, was crazily expensive. And the previous owner didn’t take care of the car much, so one day the tyres gave way when Ivan was on the highway. I wasn’t there, but it must’ve been a hell of a ride. So yes, there comes the maintenance, changing of tyres, etcetcetc.

So today, we spent 4 hours at the mechanic to service the car. We’re always wary when we go to mechanics. My previous mechanic sucked, and I always left the place feeling cheated. The boss would tell us to change our air-con filter every time even though you only need to change it probably once a year.  So after searching online for recommendations, we decided to give this new place a try. Simply put, it was amazing. For a major servicing, it only came up to $405, and that included 2 new tyres, changing of engine and motor oil, fixing our spoilt door, new spark plugs, and even changing fused bulbs. Often, you’d expect certain suspicious “labour charges” to be added in. And since we asked them to fix our spoilt door, they could’ve just charged us a lot extra just for that. Much to our surprise, they didn’t. It was only $35 to fix the door. Ivan and I couldn’t believe it, we even asked “don’t we have to pay anything extra for labour?” and the mechanic just shook his head. Ivan and I definitely left the place as two satisfied customers. So FINALLY, I can have one mechanic I frequent from now on without having to worry about being cheated. Woohoo!