Little Achievements

I pride myself on being independent – I can drive myself to places, I can support myself, yada yada. But I’m definitely not handy, not techy, etc. Yes I can fix that flickering lightbulb, but it annoys me when I can’t fix a toilet, or a computer, or a television. Sometimes I just want certain “stuff” to remain guy-duties (or “Ivan”-duties), but I really hate the feeling of being helpless and having to rely on someone else to do things for me. And since my family doesn’t have a “man in the house” to do all the guy stuff, I decided to become more ┬áhandy and get down to those annoying stuff myself.

So my small mission starts with a printer. Ivan and I finally bought a laser printer after my mom nagged me for a year. We have 3 printers at home, but each time one spoils, my mom thinks it’s too much trouble to fix it, so we always end up buying new ones. So yes, I fixed up the laser printer myself last night (no big deal I know). And today I took on an even bigger challenge – to fix up the sticker printer (those you use to print barcodes or address labels). Mind you, it was bought 2-3 years ago and it’s from China. After installing the whole crap, and troubleshooting for an hour, it still refused to print. I finally consulted my best friend, YouTube. Hahaha. Long story short, I FIXED IT! And this is a huge achievement! Try fixing up some hardware you bought from China YEARS AGO then challenge me. HA!