3AM Thoughts

It’s been a very interesting week. I feel both proud, and beaten-down. This week, my team made the impossible happen. Literally. We viewed a store unit on 30 Dec 2015, and against all odds, we might *fingers crossed* open this Saturday evening (9 Jan 2016).

I was told time and time again that it was impossible. That given the long New Year weekend, and the general holiday mood that people are in, no one’s going to help me get paperwork done, fast. Well, I guess I never believed in “impossible” – it’s simply a matter of “how bad do you want it”. Guess I wanted it real bad then.

The whole rush to get the store up and running definitely discouraged me a little. It showed me a side of life that I kind of forgotten, I guess. I admit that I grew up a very young and cocky youth. I could do things faster, smarter, more efficient. I would look at the older generation and think – why are you not as excited about life; why do you not wanna make things happen faster, sooner; why are you not interested in improving yourself, yada yada yada.

It didn’t help that I’m not in my best place right now. Definitely running low on confidence. It must’ve been a mix of everything. And just out of nowhere, suddenly, it hit me: Maybe this older generation behaves the way they do because life beat the motivation, the desire, and the hope, out of them. Cos I do feel the same way too sometimes, as if life has worn me down (hah and I’m only 26). I ask myself, Why do I do what I do? Is it worth it?

Maybe somewhere along the way they just decided – Nope, not worth it.

Well, my 2 cents worth at 3am 😉 Not too bad for a first post of 2016.


Ellysage Day: My Thoughts

It’s been 3 weeks since our biggest event of the year. I kept telling myself to blog about it once it was over, but I never got down to it till now.

Ellysage Day was so immensely tiring for my team, but at the same time, such a huge accomplishment and so satisfying for us to watch it come to fruition. The idea for Ellysage Day surfaced some time in December last year. With our team being such a tight bunch, we thought – why not throw a party to commemorate friendships that have been forged as a result of working with Ellysage? And so… Ellysage Day was born.

When I look back on the whole 8-month long journey, I owe my first thanks to Brenda (@brenwho), for linking me up with Chris from The Laneway Market in March. Chris then brought in Joey, our event decorator. Bit by bit, Fiona and I built a team that helped with the planning and execution of the entire event.

I owe so much thanks to my team. They are the strongest team I’ve ever had. Everyone helps out in one way or other, and there is no such thing as “that’s not my job”. Everyone simply chips in to get things done. Without them, ES Day wouldn’t have been able to run so smoothly.

So much has changed in 3 weeks. Most of the people who made up the team in the picture above have gone back to school. Fiona has left for her exchange programme in Paris. It feels like we’ve accomplished so much, but I’m back to square one – building a team. I swear, it’s so hard to build a good team. The team that has supported Ellysage and brought us to where we are today are amazing people, with their individual strengths, and I don’t think I can ever thank each and every one of them enough.

Feel Good Vibes

Wesley is back from London – hopefully for good this time. Work has been crazy busy but the team feels stronger than ever and we’re making progress at an insane pace. I’m so proud of us right now #hardworkforeverpays

My latest feel good song –


I’m going to start off by saying – long distance relationships are a bitch. They’re no fun at all. But I’m a fool in love, so what can I say? Suck it up, and treasure the time you have together. And you know what, when you hardly get time together, it makes everything all the more precious. Funny how the universe works, eh?

My favourite memory from my London trip has to be waking up in the morning, looking over to Wesley (sometimes he’d be up working already) and saying “Breakfast, please!” He would laugh, call me a pig (duh, still in bed and already asking for food), then make me a ham and cheese sandwich plus a banana (peeled and sliced!) on the side. He’d say the banana’s because I need fruits in my diet, but really, it’s because we ordered too many and they were ripening fast. Hahaha.

Oh, how time flies.

Grateful – #ellysagegoestolondon

Today is Day 20 in London – 3 more days and my vacation comes to an end. It wasn’t easy making this trip happen, and I’ve got so many people to thank.

Firstly, to my Ellysage team – thank you girls for hustling on without me in Singapore. Thanks for working hard to learn everything you needed to know before I went away. Poly might have started for a few of you girls (and not forgetting exams for Fiona), but you still took time out to help with whatever needed to be done. I’m so proud to be a part of #teamellysage 🙂

Secondly, to Gwen and Rizza – thank you for coordinating your flights so that we could meet up in London to shoot the lookbook video for Ellysage. Gwen, thanks for picking up the outfits and bringing them here even though it wasn’t the most convenient (wait, actually thanks goes to Marcus for picking the clothes up! Haha!). And Rizza, thanks for offering your time and your talents to shoot for us. I owe you both a good meal when I get back!

Finally, to Wesley – thanks for having me here and taking care of me. It’s funny how each time we meet up, my cooking skills level up like crazy (#masterchef). Yes, I am most definitely going back home a few kilos heavier *pats belly*.

So much good vibes just thinking bout how every piece came together so nicely.