Unfinished. Will update when inspiration strikes.


I come from sunny Singapore – it’s an island country. It’s tiny and crowded but we make do. We’ve got a fantastic public transport system (although I still drive) and we are extremely passionate about our food.

I’ve recently graduated from Singapore Management University’s Lee Kong Chian School of Business and I majored in Finance while I was there. I loved university life. Hell it was competitive, but I made some of my bestest friends in SMU, got to live and study in the US for half a year, and completed 3 internships.

Personally, I’m a very outgoing person. I enjoy new experiences and meeting new people. Work wise, I’m a very driven person. I think it stems from my upbringing. It’s good and bad, really. I can become very focused with what I want accomplished, but being “not satisfied” with less makes things miserable sometimes – e.g. staring at slides all day and cursing because it doesn’t flow well. Hahaha.


I believe that traveling is extremely important. Immersing myself in another culture has taught me so many things – history, communication, and patience. Traveling has taught me to appreciate nature. That long drive along the Big Sur has got to be one of the best experiences in my life. Surfing in Bali, skiing in upstate New York, there’s just so much in the world to experience. Traveling teaches me to count my blessings. It also engages my thoughts, refreshes my mind, and most importantly, it sets me on a path of self discovery.

I firmly believe that knowing how to drive is very important. It’s an independence thing. I love driving, especially in the rain. Yes, it’s bloody dangerous, but I don’t drive fast in the rain. What I like most is the sound of rain hitting on my car, drowning out all other sounds, and I’m just sitting inside there with my own thoughts. Which leads me to my next point.

I believe that spending time alone is very important, to get to know yourself and to not be defined by another person, or by society. I believe that the more you know about yourself, the more you’ll love and accept who you are and the decisions you make.


I enjoy music – I play the piano and the guitar (not well though). I taught piano lessons for 2 years and loved it. Whenever anyone asks me what’s my favorite kind of music, I always reply “whatever’s playing on the radio”.

I also enjoy sports – I played netball for a good 8 years, representing my school in competitions, but now I do other sports, including hiking, rock climbing, surfing (major love), skateboarding, and the good ol’ swimming, cycling, and running. I hope to one day run a marathon, perhaps climb a mountain, and ski in the Alps.

I love watching TV, and if I’ve stopped watching a particular show for more than a month, I might find myself re-watching the entire season (or the horror, watching again from season 1 – it has happened before :O ). I can recite HIMYM episodes and make impressions of The Simpsons. I love the comedy genre, SNL, The Office, Whose Line is it Anyway, Chuck, Modern Family, etc.


I’m a fussy eater, but I have serious food addictions. I don’t eat vegetables, I hate durians, and I have supreme skills in picking out peas, corns and carrots in my food. But, I absolutely love bubble tea, McDonald’s, KFC, barbeque chicken wings, chilli crab, (I can go on and on and on) and almost all things unhealthy.

I’m absolutely addicted to coffee. No wait, good coffee. Like the ones they sell for $1 at the coffee shop along the street. When I was in the US, my awesome friends airmailed me 3-in-1 coffee sticks because I was dying without my caffeine rush (plus school’s coffee sucked big time). I also drink hot coffee with a straw. Lol. It’s just a habit.

I love good jokes and pick-up lines that I can re-tell over and over again.

I apologize for this being so long. Self discovery much. Hahaha. I sure hope you had fun reading 😉


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