2016 In Review

What. A. Year.

I can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. Thank God it’s over (or almost, in 2.5 more hours). As with all my 31st Decembers, I spent today hiking for a good 2 hours. I like to end the year right, and start the year right, often by exercising. It was something I started a few years back, and somehow I just kept it going all these years.

Now, where do I begin.

2016 has been a trying year. My goals, dreams, determination, and resolve, have been tested through and through. Each time I fall, I ask myself, “Is this it? Should I give up? Why put yourself through this?”

Today, while hiking, I asked Wesley, “Why has the Universe chosen to put us on this path?” To that, he replied “The Universe tests its people, and if you pull through, you succeed.”

Can’t thank my lucky stars enough that I found a partner who is as crazy as I am (perhaps even crazier!) and who has never failed to support me when I doubted myself and my dreams. Each time I falter, he picks me up, and pushes me past my limits, while somehow still pushing himself further.

I’m proud of how far we’ve come. In 2016, there wasn’t a single weekend which we weren’t working. We didn’t even go on a single vacation (disclaimer: we didn’t feel like we deserved one). We started habits that we’ve proudly stuck to (sleep at 12-1230, wake at 630-7; meditate daily; read instead of watching shows). Now we’re just holding out for that bit of luck, that light at the end of this tunnel called “life”.


Come on 2017, I’m ready for you.


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