3AM Thoughts

It’s been a very interesting week. I feel both proud, and beaten-down. This week, my team made the impossible happen. Literally. We viewed a store unit on 30 Dec 2015, and against all odds, we might *fingers crossed* open this Saturday evening (9 Jan 2016).

I was told time and time again that it was impossible. That given the long New Year weekend, and the general holiday mood that people are in, no one’s going to help me get paperwork done, fast. Well, I guess I never believed in “impossible” – it’s simply a matter of “how bad do you want it”. Guess I wanted it real bad then.

The whole rush to get the store up and running definitely discouraged me a little. It showed me a side of life that I kind of forgotten, I guess. I admit that I grew up a very young and cocky youth. I could do things faster, smarter, more efficient. I would look at the older generation and think – why are you not as excited about life; why do you not wanna make things happen faster, sooner; why are you not interested in improving yourself, yada yada yada.

It didn’t help that I’m not in my best place right now. Definitely running low on confidence. It must’ve been a mix of everything. And just out of nowhere, suddenly, it hit me: Maybe this older generation behaves the way they do because life beat the motivation, the desire, and the hope, out of them. Cos I do feel the same way too sometimes, as if life has worn me down (hah and I’m only 26). I ask myself, Why do I do what I do? Is it worth it?

Maybe somewhere along the way they just decided – Nope, not worth it.

Well, my 2 cents worth at 3am 😉 Not too bad for a first post of 2016.


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