So this has been bugging me for some time now, I figured that writing about it will help get it off my chest.

I’ve always been someone who enjoyed my privacy. If you didn’t know me personally, then this blog was the only window to my world. Beyond that – zilch. And I’m someone with few, but intensely close friends. Friends whom I would make time to catch up with, no matter how crazy life is. Friends who, if something major happens in my life, would find out about it from me personally and not through my blog, Facebook, or Instagram.

Well, this year, Fiona and I decided that we have to step out of our comfort zones and put a face to the brand. It has been a long and gruelling process for me – I don’t particularly enjoy people finding out that I’m the co-founder of Ellysage. I enjoy being in my little bubble, hustling along, and seeing people happy with my work, rather than showing my face publicly. But I look around me, and I see brands that have grown so massively thanks to their founders. I have immense respect for my fellow blogshop founders, I just wished so much that all these came so naturally to me 😦 So yes, that’s been bugging me these two weeks. With that, here’s an #ootd with much swag thanks to the passing wind. Haha!


Just for laughs, these were the comments from my friends: “This is not your style”, “What’s with the shoes Sam?”, “I HAVE NEVER SEEN YOU WEAR ANYTHING LIKE THIS IN ALL THE YEARS I’VE KNOWN YOU”. Yeah, my friends are the best.


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