Rome 2014

As usual, a much overdue post – Wesley took me on an all expenses paid trip to Rome in June and it was such an amazing trip! I absolutely love learning about the history of a place and culture, so much so that after our guided tours, I would go back to the hotel and start Googling on whatever our guide said that day! I got to see all the famous sights – Trevi Fountain, Spanish steps, the Colosseum, and most definitely the impressive Vatican City. We even took a day trip to Florence for wine tasting.

The weather was insanely hot, but I guess when I’m travelling, I would rather it be sunny than for it to rain. We also stayed really near the Termini station, but somehow we didn’t even take the metro. Hahaha. Our hotel was less than 5km from all the attractions we wanted to see, so we basically walked everywhere. It’s good and bad, cos we get really tired from sightseeing every single day (imagine hot weather + long distances), but we get to burn a lot of calories so, all’s good? Plus, I LOVE Italian food, and trust me I ate a lot, but I wasn’t at all bored with having pasta every single day! Our favorite restaurant was Babbo’s – it was recommended by our hotel front desk personnel with such passion that Wesley and I simply had to check it out and the food was AMAZING. If you do head to Rome, definitely try Babbo’s, you can thank me later heh 😉


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