US 2013

Life has been busy, and busy is always good. But that also means I’m severely behind on posting exciting events that happened. Duh, the title speaks for itself. Hahaha.

So I popped over to the US last year for a 6 week vacation to attend Wesley’s graduation. I got to tour Purdue, experience life as a couple in school (sorta?), and watch my smartypants receive his Bachelor’s degree. Following that, we traveled around the US, visiting Chicago, San Francisco, Napa Valley, Santa Monica, and Los Angeles. There are just so many highlights of our trip, it’s hard to keep it short. In Chicago, we ice skated at Millennium Park, visited the Willis Tower; we even caught the Thanksgiving Parade, and basically freezed our asses off because Chicago was JUST SO DARN COLD! In San Francisco, we walked everywhere, had the best dim sum, revisited the Fisherman’s Wharf and soaked in the Christmas spirit. I bought my climbing shoes and harness and we even had our picture drawn on Christmas day!

The second half of our vacation was an amazing road trip. After San Francisco, we drove a convertible up to Napa Valley (but sadly traded it for a Toyota Corolla back down to LA). Imagine the wind blowing through your hair, your hands raised up high as you cruise along the highway – it’s everything you can imagine and more! Napa was definitely our favorite destination. But what can I say, how do you not like a place if you’re tipsy all day? Hahahaha!

IMG_20131125_170435IMG_20131123_102446IMG_20131214_181758 IMG_20131128_133703   IMG_20131219_194905IMG_20140106_003318 IMG_20131224_174344

I think the most frequently asked questions when I got back were “How do you travel for so long?”, “Weren’t you bored?”, “You could stand living with each other for 6 weeks???”. I have to say, traveling for an extended period of time with your partner brings out the best and worst in the both of you. I guess it tests your compatibility – whether your lifestyle, tastes, and preferences match. Imagine not being able to agree on where to go or what to do, or if you have different spending habits – the tension that an extended trip can create is unimaginable. Thankfully, Wesley was an amazing travel companion and when we got tired from traveling, it was easy for us to agree on just chilling in the hotel for the last few days. Amazingly enough, we still want to go back to the US (okay, maybe just Napa), even though it’s only been less than half a year since we got back to Singapore!


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