Just some random updates.

My family was out of town the past 2 weeks so I basically experienced how it’ll be like to live alone. Without having to run errands for my mom, or to chat late into the night with my sis, I wound up having a lot more time on my hands. I started working and going out a lot more. If you know me, I’m inherently a lazy person so I’m perfectly fine with staying home on a Friday night, sipping on tea and reading a good book. But I guess being alone/lonely has forced me out of my shell.

I went for a couple of long runs with my good ol’ neighbour whom I’ve known for 13 years, I caught up with some really good friends over the weekends, and even made a new friend who stays in the block next to mine! And when it came to food, instead of cooking instant noodles, I actually went out to buy food – impressive for a lazy quick-fix type person like me.

Being alone/lonely has also made me a harder worker. Work was always a priority, and whatever free time I had, I focused it on work. But I guess that’s why I’m feeling real drained right now. All I can think of is – I need a good break now, a good, worry-free break. Haha.

But so much for the 2 weeks of being alone. My mom’s back from Europe and I’ve got a ton of chocolates for the next few weeks. Whoopeee!


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