Paper Towns

I’ve read a couple of books over the past few months and I always write down the quotes that inspire me the most. Once in awhile I post them up here if I feel strongly to any story or any quote. I didn’t quite understand the restlessness of the main character in Paper Towns initially, but I finally could relate to the following bit: The pleasure isn’t in doing the thing, the pleasure is planning “it”.

Perhaps the feeling of anticipation is better than the actual thing. I remember the anticipation of graduating from college. And then it became “Checked. Meh. What next?” And we move from one goal to another, anticipating the next. What happens when we stop having things to look forward to?

I guess that’s what drove me to embark on my Grand Adventure. So tempted to throw in another John Green quote here. Oh what the hell. I go to seek a Great Perhaps (from Looking for Alaska).


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