Ah, finally some inspiration (and time) to blog. I occasionally don’t know what to blog about because there just hasn’t been much going on. But lately it seems that there’s so much going on that when I finally take a pause, I realize, GOSH, March is coming to an end. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?!

Anyway, last week was Jason’s birthday – we did dinner at Quayside Isle and checked out Sentosa Cove (ikr, we were so cool). We aren’t typically such cool people, but once in awhile we like to do things just to say “yeah, been there, done that”. Hahaha. It was a miracle really, that we could pull off dinner on a weekday at some faraway place. And as a gift to Jason, I agreed to eat mussels and it was pretty good. Lol. For the record, I still won’t try durian, so don’t bother.

Then on Thursday, Doug and I went for a long hike. I absolutely absolutely love hiking. Hiking is so much easier than running cos you’re just walking and you don’t feel out of breath as you do when you run. Fiona used to hate running so I started her on hikes, and for non-runners, hiking is a great way to get started on easy cardio. And the best thing about hiking (as opposed to running), you can’t just stop when you’re tired – you have to finish your hike or you’ll be stuck in the middle of nowhere.


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