Fiona and I have started watching The Biggest Loser and when we were done with the latest episode of the current season, we went back to watch Season 4 and gosh, SO MUCH NEGATIVITY! I was pretty impressed with the current season (season 14), I love the contestants and I could relate to how one’s mind could change as a result of getting more and more physically in shape. It was just bursting with positivity at the seams. And after weigh-ins, when it came down to voting people off the show, the contestants voted off people whom they believe could continue their fitness journey at home, not because he/she was a bigger threat. So to go back and watch season 4 and witness how contestants were playing twisted mind games, ugh, it just irks me.

In other news, I got bored of my hair and decided to chop off 2-3 inches. To think I waited this long for it to reach my ideal length! Oh well, it doesn’t look very different, but I’m glad the frizzy ends are gone now.


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