Snippets from an interesting read posted on A Slice of Life

If you didn’t need money, what would you be doing differently? Most of us are so caught up with the must-haves and should-dos, and then because we are not fulfilled on a deeper level, resort to fleeting pleasures to keep us on a path we’re not really happy with.

Not that these temporary pleasures are inherently bad for us, but in order to be truly fulfilled, we need more than that. Fleeting pleasures form the lowest tier of happiness. Further up, we need to regularly engage in activities that we truly enjoy, that get us into our “flow”, when we feel we could continue doing it even if it didn’t pay us, even if it’s not what others expect of us, something that comes naturally to us. And we need to engage in projects that give us meaning. That has a larger cause. This level though, ironically, may not give us pleasure in the conventional sense, for example, altruistic work or even tasks that require self-sacrifice.


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