Still can’t believe February’s already over. Starting to freak out a little about my resolutions for the year. But oh well, nothing a good run and hike can’t fix!

Had another amazing hike today. I started my run at 4 pm so that I could go for a longer hike today. I took a different route and wound up at Bukit Timah. Oh my god. I couldn’t believe I’d hiked that far! And I wound up having to jog home from Bukit Timah cos I would have died if I had to hike back to Dairy Farm. Also, I had no money so I couldn’t even take the bus home. Lol. Anyway, my runs for February –

Feb 4 – Feb 10: 3 km (I stupidly fell sick before Chinese New Year)
Feb 11 – Feb 17: 7.4 km
Feb 18 – Feb 24: 15 km + hike
Feb 25 – Mar 3: 20 km + hike

I recently took up pilates at the community centre and I’m loving it! At least it adds some variety to my otherwise boring exercise regime. On a random note, I kinda miss rock climbing but my upcoming schedule doesn’t look very empty :/


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