I decided to redo my resolutions for 2013. I kinda rushed into my earlier resolutions without much thought, didn’t let a few proper ones sink in. So while I will still strive to strike off 10 items (or 5+1) off my bucket list, I feel the following make better “personal-growth-type” resolutions.

1. Become a better runner

Running is all mental. If you’ve got healthy legs, you can become a runner. You don’t have to run fast, you just have to run. Once you’ve laced up your shoes, it’s just a mental game. Running has taught me so much. Try forcing yourself to put on your running shoes every day, even if you’re tired, even if you have no time. Try telling yourself you’ll just trudge through a 3K run just so you could say ran today. What running did for me, was reveal the strength and discipline I never knew I had.

I had one goal when I first started running – to log a minimum of 10K each week. I decided to look through my running logs today. For the first 3 weeks in January, I’ve clocked 19.9K, 14.8K, and 19.6K. Wow. It never hit me that I was this close to a 20K week.

So back to becoming a better runner. I can now run 10Ks comfortably, but I only do it once a week. So In 2013, I’m going to strive for longer distances in each run. I’m going to strive to run these long runs more often. And probably the hardest one of all, I’d like to explore more running routes – e.g. ECP, MacRitchie. It’s hard because I can’t really find people to run with me, and it’s a lot of discipline waking up early or even finding 3 hours to drive there, run, and drive back.

2. Make healthier food choices

I have been making tiny improvements in my diet. I stopped drinking bubble tea. I drink green tea almost daily. And I try to eat more fruits and snack on sushi instead of like XXL chicken or curry puffs. But, I’m still not eating very healthily. I still eat supper all the time. And after my runs, I get hungry but I don’t just snack, I cook full meals like instant noodles or canned soup. It’s insane.

So for 2013, I wanna make healthier food choices. Less sodas, less fried stuff. But but but, I’m not going to become a health freak. That’s for sure. Given that I absolutely love BBQ chicken wings, stingray, chilli crab, and sambal kang kong (and the list goes on *drool*), it’s impossible to become 100% healthy. Definitely impossible.

3. Travel 

Interesting resolution given how often I travel. Let me explain.

I look at friends who’ve traveled to this faraway place, or that exotic place, or traveled alone to soul search – and I’m jealous. Big deal, everyone’s jealous. But the thing is, I’m jealous even though I travel almost once a month. So I guess when I looked at all my travels, most of which were for work, I realized that as much as I enjoy traveling, not much of my travels were for myself.

So this year, I’m hoping to travel more, not just to Thailand and China, but hopefully to new places (Taiwan, Canada?). And more importantly, to travel for myself, to do things I want to do, to see places I want to see. I guess the major roadblock for this resolution is money, time, and the safety of traveling alone. Oh well, we’ll see. I’m hopeful! 🙂


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