A year ago, I would’ve never pictured my life the way it is now. I’ve grown a lot the past year. For one, I graduated. With graduation comes responsibilities of a “young adult” that I never really had to deal with while in school. Bills, living expenses, future income – I have been blessed not to have had to worry about them (much) when I was younger. But yes, I’ve started having to plan more for my own future.

Unlike most of my friends who went on to work, I chose to run my own business and it has been an amazing journey thus far. There have been ups and downs, but more importantly it has been a daily test of my personal discipline. I won’t deny that I’m enjoying life A LOT. My time is my own – I have time to work, hang out with friends and family, and exercise (run, climb, hike). More importantly, I travel a lot, meet new people, and understand other cultures. But every day is a test of my discipline. Having to wake up with determination to improve myself and to improve the business, and ending the day humbly, reassuring myself that bad days will become better, and good days don’t last forever. Also, having to deal with my own procrastination. We all procrastinate, but the test comes in moving on and doing what needs to get done. The following quote is a pretty fine source of motivation:

Never leave that to tomorrow, which you can do today — Ben Franklin

Work aside, for the later part of 2012 (once I was done with school), I started spending a lot of time alone. A few discoveries there. First, I found that I wasn’t as independent as I thought I was. Capable, sure. But I wasn’t really emotionally independent, and definitely not financially independent. And I’ve been working on both ever since.

I also discovered new things I love doing. I now absolutely love running – if I have an hour or two to spare, I’d hit the gym, or go for a long run (so long as the weather permits). I’ve also started rock climbing and hiking too. Oh, and I read a lot more now. Books and tea on a Friday night just go well together.

In 2012, I started spending a lot more time with my family. Particularly because my mom had a bad fall in July and I had to chauffeur her around for awhile. Now, I try to fetch her from the train station every day so it’s less tiring for me, but I do what I can, if and when I can. I also hung out with my sis quite a bit, I suspect it’s because she pitied my lack of a social life. Hahahaha. But yeah, we work together, we go rock climbing together, and because she recently got her driving license, I’m still monitoring her driving too. It’s been pretty fun.

All in all, 2012 was an interesting year. Plenty of self-discoveries. I’ve not settled on my resolutions for 2013, but I’ll leave you with this:  Do more of what makes you happy. So many things to lead on with this like yolo (you only live once), carpe diem (seize the day), and conquer your fomo (fear of missing out). Hahahaha.


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