This week was insane. Insanely busy. But busy is good. Finally feeling rested after the crazy weekend. It started with a photoshoot, then setting up the studio for the next day’s warehouse sale, rushing home to shower then turning up for a gathering with my friends at Sentosa, then back home for 4 hours of sleep and BOOM! WAREHOUSE SALE DAY.

The turnout was HUGE and I could barely catch my breath. 2 hours after doors opened, I drove back to get more stocks! To be honest, we didn’t expect such a crowd. All of us were crossing our fingers, praying that people will still come despite it being out of the way, plus a ton of other fleas/warehouse sales were happening all around Singapore. BUT, when I arrived at 930am, THERE WERE ALREADY PEOPLE QUEUEING. To put into perspective how epic that was, doors were supposed to open at NOON. So imagine how excited and stressed out I was when we started seeing the queue snake around the entire floor!

Very very very grateful to my mom for helping us out that day, and to my cousins – Doug, Michelle, Jacelyn – who initially came just to shop, but stayed on to help with crowd control and to watch over our booth. YOU GUYS ARE OUR BIGGEST SUPPORTERS! THANK YOU! And also to Patrick and Conny, for providing us with the venue and helping out throughout the day 🙂 And of course, my darling sister, for without her, the event wouldn’t have even happened. I am very proud of you ❤

Level 1: 60%


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