Leveling Up

Chanced upon this amazing website/blog called Nerd Fitness which talks about fitness, training and diet, but what really struck a chord was their focus on mental attitude and the founder’s Epic Quest of Awesome. IT’S SUPER COOL.

Basically, each time you cross something off your bucket list, you gain 20% towards your “next level”. Obviously once you gain 100% you “level up”. The more I read about Steve’s accomplishments, the more inspired I got. Sure, I’ve got a bucket list, but there isn’t really a push factor for me to set out to accomplish each and every one of them. I mostly list them down so I can dream about them, or hopefully one day have the heavens shine down on me and allow me to magically cross them off. With this system, you actually have a push factor to accomplish each and every single thing on your bucket list, no matter how big or small they are! And how nice it’ll be to one day look back and say “Aye, I’m now a level XX and I’ve leveled up till here by doing XXXXX”. 

So yes, I’m now revisiting my bucket list so I can add more and actually work towards accomplishing them!


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