Who would’ve thought that at 23, I can still say “I’M SO DARN PROUD OF MY LITTLE SISTER”? And yes! It’s because my little sister passed her driving test today!!! ON HER FIRST TRY! Woohooo! The past few days were hilarious. I drove her to the driving school a couple times, and each time I’d go on and on about how I put in my share of effort for her driving lessons and if she didn’t pass on her first try I was going to disown her (no pressure). Then when her boyfriend said that she’ll probably fail, I stared him down and said “PLEASE, SHE’S A SOH”. So… it’s a good thing she passed, else my overconfidence would’ve been so embarrassing. Hahahahaha.

I’m really excited to take her out on her first drive! Oh, wonderful memories of my boldness when I first passed. See, for most kids, after you get your license, your dad/mom sits beside you and monitors your driving. At least that’s the case for all my cousins. But I didn’t have someone to do that with me – my dad’s gone, and my mom can’t drive for nuts. So yea, I had a lot of guts back then. The day I got my license, I immediately rented a car. Hahahaha SuperSam ftw.

Now comes the sticky issue of sharing the car. Bleh. I shall sleep on that. But still, CONGRATS FIONA!


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