My exhausting weekend started on Friday, then we had two shoots on both Saturday and Sunday. And birthday celebrations for my uncle (Saturday), Kelvin (Sunday), and Nicholas (Monday).

My 4 cousins and I squeezed into my tiny car and headed for Japanese buffet to celebrate Kelvin’s birthday (a delusional 28-going-on-25) and his proposal to his girlfriend –

Then on Monday, after rushing out some work, my 3 cousins and I went to Universal Studios Singapore (like, finally) to celebrate Nicholas’s 20th birthday. USS wasn’t really impressive, but the company made all the difference. We even rode the Battlestar Galactica IN THE RAIN, FRONT ROW. Hahahahaha. We were drenched and our faces hurt cos the rain was just unforgivingly pelting our faces.

And, when you go out with 3 boys, and you say “Guys, pose for a photo”, they don’t do the usual stand-there-looking-macho pose. They’ll say “OK LET’S HANG ON THIS THING, IT’S WAY COOLER”. I’m sure they’d throw in a pull-up or two if there weren’t so many people staring at them. Tsk tsk.

Roasted turkey legs, my favorite in Universal Studios Florida – but unfortunately they were sold out today.



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