Endurance running

Too Fast, Too Soon? Young Endurance Runners Draw Cheers and Concerns 

Wow. 10 and 12 year old endurance runners. Now I’m embarrassed. I’ve been reading up on endurance running for awhile now, and following people who do long distance runs. It’s really really inspiring. The way they view runs, and exercise is just so different. The discipline that goes into waking up early, lacing up your shoes, pushing yourself for a long run. Runners think differently. And it’s just so inspiring.

Anyway, something from the article which I see posted by a lot of endurance runners – “Her attitude about endurance was: the pain never goes away, so you just have to make room for it.” I know a lot of people don’t believe in the whole excessive running/exercise, working through the pain – right now, I don’t either. But I can tell you one thing for certain, pushing yourself to such limits, it transforms you. It transforms your body and it transforms your mind. You learn to tell yourself not to give up, to push for that extra mile. And when you realize you’re capable of so much more than you thought, your view on life changes. Everything becomes possible. 


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