What Ifs

Life has been very monotonous lately. With my mom overseas, I suddenly have very very very free evenings because I don’t have to fetch her home. I also lost my sushi supply for a week (my mom buys me sushi cos that’s my happy food). So no happy responsibility-filling moments, and no happy food = monotonous and boring. Which leads to this very random post on a gloomy Friday morning.

Have you ever woken up and wondered how different life could’ve been? If all the “what ifs” in your life weren’t just things you wondered about, but is your reality? Like, what if I had pursued netball and became a national player. What if I did university overseas? What if I had the opportunity to live and work overseas? What if, what if, what if.

I think most people live fairly rationally. We consciously make rational decisions so our lives go in a certain way – a way that’s safe, a way in which we’re more certain of the outcome. But oh, wouldn’t it be nice just to live impulsively from time to time? To take pleasure in living life and forgetting all our responsibilities, even if for a moment. How nice would it be if we could all just live our what ifs.


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