October has been so uninteresting by far, the only highlight being that renovations at my uncle’s place completed last week and we had an awesome family steamboat dinner to “celebrate”. I really like it that my extended family is getting closer. During my teenage years I kinda drifted away from my cousins, and now that we’re all grown up, it’s really nice having meaningful conversations and laughing at lousy jokes my big cousin makes.

Also, I had a terrible migraine today. Haven’t had it in 2-3 years, so it kinda took me by surprise when it happened. I hate lying in bed waiting for the migraine to go away. Also, I hate losing my appetite.

In other news, Fiona and I are heading to Bangkok this Friday morning and my mom’s heading to Italy for work and an extended holiday on Friday night. I am extremely jealous. Then again, I would rather be in Bangkok eating my favorite food and buying everything that’s is cheap there. Confessions of a cheapo. Hahaha.


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