I’m not a huge fan of memes, but when I saw this “gym-meme” I literally burst out laughing.

Hahaha. Oh the things people do really crack me up.

On a separate note, I had dinner with Jason and his colleague over the weekend. I’m not one who goes around telling people what I do for a living, partly because it’s not something very glamorous and at the moment only pays me a tiny fraction of what most people earn. But as I was justifying my decision I realized how at peace I am with the choice I made. It’s not easy running your own business. You have to do everything yourself, and when it’s a one-man show, it does get lonely. But I wouldn’t trade what I have now for anything else in the world. My time is my own, I get to travel whenever I want so long as money permits. I don’t feel so exhausted after a day’s work and wonder to myself “how did time fly by so quickly”. And also, even after a 12-hour day, and fetching my mom from work, I still have the energy to hit the gym. So yeah, no complaints here.


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