Exercise has recently become a huge part of my life and I find myself hitting the gym whenever I have free time. My runs in August –

Aug 6 – Aug 12: 12.0 km
Aug 13 – Aug 19: 14.4 km
Aug  20 – Aug 26: 7.6 km
Aug 27 – Sep 2: 13.5 km

It’s not easy getting started, but once you start, it’s really hard to stop. It’s like an addiction. Not only do I get a mood-lift each time I’m done with a run, my body feels stronger, my tummy’s tighter and my arms are getting leaner. And this whole exercise bit has made me more health conscious too. I mean, after you put in so much work at the gym, it’s really a waste to just eat it all away. So, I’ve not had bubble tea in more than a month (AMAZING RIGHT?), and while I still eat McDonald’s and KFC once in awhile, I actually think twice/thrice before giving in to my cravings. Wow. Even I’m impressed 😉


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