She walks!

Huzzah! MY MOM WALKS! Hahaha. Anyways. Today I brought my mom for her check up and she went for her first physiotherapy session. We’re now getting her to walk around with 1 crutch (instead of two and dangling her right foot) and hopefully she’ll get used to it cos she has to go back to work next Tuesday. It’s such a relief, really, seeing my mom being able to walk again. We now don’t have to follow her every step, assisting her when she wants to go to the kitchen or the toilet.

On a separate note, I’ve really become fond of running! I’ve set a personal goal of 10km per week and have stuck to it for 2 weeks already. It’s not that difficult cos I now can run 6km+ each time on the treadmill without getting too bored, so twice a week at the gym and I’m done for the week. Starting to really consider joining some marathon thing at the end of the year. Lol.


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