A turn of events

On my third day in Bangkok, Steph texted me early in the morning and asked if I was still in Bangkok. I jokingly replied “Yes! R u coming” and she said she was thinking of flying over. Fast forward a few hours and we were having dinner together at some random restaurant near her hotel. Lol! Who would’ve expected that eh? We spent Saturday shopping, my friend gave us a lift to Chatuchak (I really do have awesome friends heh) and after having some awesome coconut ice cream, we headed to MBK for dinner and back to the hotel for a massage. Best massage EVER! Lol.

Wow. I really had an amazingly refreshing trip. I’ve always wanted to travel alone, and I finally did! Ivan was never really comfortable with me traveling alone, in fact I was so close to chickening out after booking the hotel. Then Gen texted me wishing me a safe trip and told me that traveling alone is one of the best and most liberating things. So I plucked up some courage and headed to the airport. At least for the first 3 days when I was alone, I really felt like all my time was my own. No need for driving people around, keeping track of others’ schedules, attending to work at specific times of the day, you get the picture. I could take a nap whenever I wanted, eat whatever I wanted, and go wherever I wanted to go. But of course, coming back to reality, it’s not a sustainable lifestyle. As much as I’d love to live as my own independent person, there will always be things to worry about – work, family, money. But for what it’s worth, I had one of the most amazing trips ever 🙂 The only way it could be better was if I were in Bali! Hahahaha!


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