Day Two

Day 2 was totally off from what I had planned it out to be. I was gonna get some work done, do some personal shopping, catch a movie, eat my favorite gelato and takeaway some otah from the road side stall. Instead, apart from getting some work done, I didn’t shop, I didn’t watch a movie, neither did I eat gelato and otah. Lol. Ironic how things played out. I wound up buying a book, I’m Feeling Lucky – The Confessions of Google Employee Number 59, and reading it over lunch at an Italian restaurant. Maybe tomorrow I’ll do whatever I missed out today (which is everything lol).

Anyway, I’m starting to miss running. In a bid to lose a few kilos for grad night, I went on a massive diet – sipping coffee throughout the day to tame the hunger pangs, and probably eating a tenth of what I usually eat daily. I also started running everyday and it kinda stuck on me. I recently followed this Facebook page and it’s been giving me tons of motivation for running even when I’m overseas (and without running shoes and a gym). A few of my favorite posts:

“Good things come to those who work their asses off and never give up.”

“I’m busy getting stronger.”

“Running can be the ultimate escape. As soon as we head out the door, we leave our problems, worries, and busy schedules behind. We get lost in the private world of our own thoughts and imaginations. We return with better balance in our energy, an improved mood, and the confidence to be who we really are.”

It’s not easy finding motivation to run everyday, but after I got through the initial hurdle, running became something really fun. It’s the time I get to my own thoughts, and true to the quote above, I come back refreshed and in a much better mood. Plus, my body was looking so much better, that’s why it’s all worth it. Lol. So yes, I’m really craving running while on a holiday. How much weirder can I get?


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