Day One

A day of firsts, the most obvious being that this trip is the first time I’m travelling overseas alone. Five stars for bravery.

My day began with me meeting up with Eric at the airport. I was there at about 9, realized that Eric probably just started work, and gave him a call. The funny guy rushed over from T2 (where his desk is) just to “send me off”. We took a picture together cos apparently he’s going to start a photo album of “people he has sent off while at work”. LOL. Super random but I guess we’re that good friends. And I’m also betting that my face will show up the most in this album of his lol.

Anyway, I didn’t sleep on the plane cos the guy next to me kept talking to me and I was too polite to refuse conversation. So I trudged around Bangkok half-dead for the first half of the day. I finally gave up at 5pm, went back to the hotel and took a nap. AN AFTERNOON NAP! I have not had a siesta in I don’t know, months??? Lol. Woke up an hour later, showered, and met up with my friends for dinner. I can’t stress how much I love Bangkok, the friendly faces – from the coffee guy who sees me 10 metres away and starts preparing a cup of iced mocha, and the wonton mee lady who knows my order at the back of her head, even though I only visit here once a month. My wonderful friends who found out that I was here alone on this trip and immediately offered to take me out for dinner saying that I could tell my mom not to worry cos “if you’re in Bangkok alone, we’ll take care of you”. Wow.


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