Counting my blessings

I’m writing this on a Monday morning, feeling physically exhausted but mentally refreshed. We finally wrapped up a month’s hard work yesterday and without the help of my family and close friends, we wouldn’t have been able to pull of such a successful event. So although you guys don’t read my blog, I’ll say it anyways. Thanks Jacelyn, Michelle, Kellie, Grace, and Louise for helping us at the booth. I’m in awe of your dedication towards our event marketing and can’t wait to work with all of you again 🙂 Uncle Victor, Uncle John, my aunts and of course my awesome mother for assisting with operational issues. Jerome and Qi for assisting with the booth design, Leslie and Mika for helping me with extremely last minute IT stuff – even meeting me at 9pm/10pm (true dedication indeed). A big thank you to my friends who came down to support the booth, or even asking about it before the event. It means so much to have someone else caring about something I personally care so much about. It just warms my heart. And of course, a final shout out to my sister, the one person who had to bear all my nonsense. I know it’s not easy working with me, and I truly am thankful to have you around. If there’s anyone else out there I haven’t thanked, please forgive my lagged un-rested brain.

So as Monday begins, I can’t help but feel like work really has started.


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