Every year this day I allow myself to be sad. Just this one day. To remind myself why I am the way I am, why I do the things I do, and who I do the things I do for. See, death is a funny thing. It haunts people. You’d think time heals all wounds, I think it just numbs it. I guess I haven’t been in a good place (emotionally) in awhile, what with work, graduation, and family all coming together at the same time. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger but it also makes you fucking tired. So yes, I’m tired. Exhausted, really. But come tomorrow, it’ll be fine. Cos that’s how this “one-sad-day-a-year” works. You feel sad, then you grow out of it.

So, picking phrases from a song that’s on replay in my head – in my darkest place, you were my guide. So I’m hoping if you hear this, you believe that all that I do is to make you proud.

Every year I say this, and I’ll say it again. I’d give so much just to have you back.


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