Mind over matter

I’ve been hungry for 4 days and I don’t think it helps that KFC sends out discount vouchers and my awesome sister calls me on the phone saying how delicious the spicy-lime drumlets are (apparently they taste like tomyum). SIGH. I’m really not one to go on diets – I believe more in the “eat-what-I-like-cos-I’m-gonna-work-it-off” philosophy, even if I don’t end up “working it off”. Hahahaha. So these few days have been, in short, torturous. Imagine going for dinner with friends and everyone’s eating HOT WINGS 😦 Oh chicken wings, how I miss you so.

BUT! WHO CARES! Mind over matter!!! I’m extremely amazed at my discipline! I’ve been running more, eating less, and my tummy is G-O-N-E. Ok not completely gone but, I’m close. I’ve dropped like 3 kilos since I started last week and I look awesome in my gown. Hohoho. Can’t wait for Grad Night! Who doesn’t love an excuse to dress up? 😉


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