Awesome Sunday

For the first time this week, I slept till noon. Woohoo! After teaching my neighbour, I decided to go for a hike! And what an awesome spontaneous decision it was! I  parked at one of the carparks near Dairy Farm Rd and with my music and a bottle of water in hand, I began climbing towards the summit of Bukit Timah Hill. Unfortunately I wasn’t brave enough (and not to mention, fit enough) to scale the whole thing on my own so I took a smaller loop back down. AND I FELT AWESOME! I loved the alone time and the “getting fit” feeling. And of course, I’m always in awe of nature.

I’ll probably give it another shot next Sunday although my mom couldn’t stop nagging at me. She’s right, it’s kinda dangerous to go hiking alone. I don’t exactly have the best pair of shoes for it either. But come on, who else would be enthusiastic enough to go for a hike with me? Lol. Only the crazy ones would. (Yes, I’m crazy)


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