My new mattress has arrived! FINALLY! It took me a lot of begging before I got it and now my mom can’t stop reminding about how I’m probably going to move out in a few years and it’s a complete waste of money. Lol.

Other than that one exciting bit… life has been pretty boring. I’ve begun taking hour-long walks around my estate and ohmygod I swear I didn’t know there were so many hugeass houses near me! Some bungalows had like 5 cars parked in there with ROOM FOR TWO MORE. Like WHAAAAAT???? Oh and don’t forget the pool and the lawns… Gosh. I seriously felt small and worthless when I saw these houses. Ugh.

Anyway I’m having more fun than I thought on my long walks. I’m just walking my usual running route but walking just slows things down. I get to see more, I’m less focused on my music and more focused on the people around me and it’s been pretty fun. It’s exactly like people watching, only I’m losing calories while doing it. Hahaha.

Oh one miserable bit to add. I can’t believe I’m not going to Jason Mraz’s concert on Friday. I would kill to have tickets, but then again, I don’t have anyone to go with. GARHHHHHZ.


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