Back to Reality

I’M BACK!!!! Hahahaha. “Back to reality” was the first phrase Jon said the moment we landed. WHAT A FUN TRIP! This was the first time I travelled overseas with friends. I usually only travel with Ivan or my mom and sis, so this was a whole new experience. I’m so so so so glad we pulled this off cos knowing how busy we all are, getting a group of people to take 4 days off for a holiday together is TOUGH!

Our hotel/villa was really far away from the city centre and the touristy parts of Krabi, so getting anywhere was time consuming and expensive. But on the bright side, we had almost every meal in the hotel for free, and the food was awesome! So just a quick summary –

Day 1 – rained the moment we landed and we wound up spending the day in. Watched two movies, Prestige and In Time.

Day 2 – visited Krabi town and Tiger caves/temple, ending with dinner at some roadside market stalls.

Day 3 – Phi Phi Island tour. This cost us about SG$60 per person. We visited a few bay areas and even snorkelled twice!

Day 4 – Had good intentions to go for a tour to the Emerald Pool, but laziness got the better of us and we wound up staying in playing monopoly deal, bridge, dai dee, and having drinks.

Time passes real quickly when you’re having fun, but I’m also glad to be back. I absolutely loved this trip, the good company, the whole chillaxing environment, and all the laughter we shared. Unfortunately, I think it’s unlikely that another trip will happen again any time this year or next, given our crazy schedules.


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