My life has actually been pretty hectic – contrary to what my mom believes. Hahaha. It’s been a helluva week.

Family – Had a good meal with my family and two maids on Sunday at Marche for my mom’s birthday as well as Karmi’s parting dinner, and bade goodbye to my maid of 6 years on Wednesday. My sis fell ill with some infection and had to be sent to the hospital, so the past 2 days I’ve already been to Gleneagles thrice. I now can drive to Gleneagles without a GPS lol.

Work – Surprisingly hectic. Tons of planning and organizing. It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve set up office in my uncle’s place and things are starting to stabilize. I work about 5 10/11-hour days a week, and I try to be there for a few hours on Sunday. I’m usually filled with shoots on Saturdays so yes, I’m really exhausted. But good, happy, exhausted.

Personal – I’ve been exercising more, running 3 consecutive days until the day my sis fell sick and I had to dedicate one whole day to my family. I love the feeling after I exercise, that oh-so-dreadful heavy arms and legs when I wake up the next morning. I love that it reminds me that I just worked out. Hahahaha. Proud moment. I also managed to meet up with Jason and Larissa, a nice break on a hectic day. Where will we be in 10 years, I wonder.

Random – I finally scored 3.5million in Triple Town. I am in awe of my own patience. It took me 5 days to reach this score, and even buying some moves in between. I also have been religiously watching the NBA and I’M SO HAPPY OKC IS GOING TO THE FINALS! HAHAHHAHA. From a 0-2 series loss to a 4-2 win! Woohoo!

Finally, really weird news, but… I’m half-dreading my Krabi trip this Sunday. First, I don’t feel comfortable enough leaving my sis to do everything herself. I’m usually fine with it, even leaving for months on end. But we’ve just moved to a new place, a lot more procedures have been put in place, it’s still… a mess :/  Second, and I’m embarrassed by this, I kinda dread that I’ll miss a few of the NBA games while I’m overseas. HAHA. I knowwwww this is like the stupidest thing EVER. I sound so bimbotic it irks me. Haha. Very much looking forward to my stay-home day tomorrow. Any Sam-time I get is very much appreciated. Ciao for now!


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