Day One

Today’s the first day my sis and I went down to our “office”! And when I mean go down, I do mean my typical 12 hour day, driving out at 630am and leaving after 7pm. Our “office” is also our childhood home when I was 11-12. My family lived with my uncle for a year just after we sold our old home and before our new home was ready. So it was quite cool today, having 3 meals at my uncle’s place, sitting at the old table which 10 years ago looked SO HUGE but now I’m sure I can wrap my arms around half the table. Hahahaha.

Well, Fiona and I decided to move there for a few reasons. One, I wanted a proper working space so I’ll get my ass out of the house every day. Two, my uncle has been fighting cancer for a few years now. He also lives alone and has 2 spare rooms ever since my granny passed away, so at least now he has company everyday 🙂

In other news, Ivan has so many exciting stories it’s so fun to hear him tell me about them! He bravely took a 21 hour train from Guangzhou to Beijing, and trains in China have sleeping, sitting, and standing tickets. Ivan’s one was a sitting ticket, so whenever he stands up to go to the toilet or to buy some food, some standing person will sit on his seat. When Ivan comes back, that guy will stand up and give the seat back. Lol! He also most recently discovered which can only mean one thing. Ivan will be massively shopping on amazon. SIGH! Ivan if you are reading this, STOP BUYING RUBBISH. YOU HAVE NO LUGGAGE SPACE!


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