Falling Sick

I think I caught the flu bug and I’m starting to feel feverish. Another explanation could be the too-awesome food I had the past 2 days. Hahaha. My little family celebrated Mother’s Day on Saturday instead of the actual day and I brought them to No Signboard Seafood for my mom’s favourite white pepper crab. MMMMMMM.

Well we celebrated Mother’s Day one day early cos Fiona and I had a 6 hour shoot today. Totally exhausted, but as always, very rewarding. We took a short break in the middle and surprised Tisha with cupcakes for her birthday! And YES the cupcakes were from Baked by Lace! Hahahaha. I got “scolded” by Lace, cos even after knowing her for 4+ years, this is the first time I’m buying her cupcakes. Or as she jokingly says, CUPKEK. Lol. In my defense, I’m not a huge fan of bread/cake, so even though I’ve never bought her cupcakes before, I swear I’ve never bought anyone else’s too! Hahaha. And of course being the gracious person that she is, she helped me mix in a few flavours! I tried sea salt caramel, strawberries and cream, and banana split! Not a big fan of bananas so I only tried the first two. AND THEY ARE GOOD. I SWEAR. Go try them!


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