China in brief

Just came back from China today morning and boy am I tanner 😦 The sun was sooo friggin hot Ivan and I were sweating every single day there! We’d often duck into McDonald’s to enjoy a little air-con.

Just some interesting bits. I did my nails for only S$10 and it took them close to 4 hours. Ivan almost died of boredom. We also fought through the crowd to buy Ivan’s train ticket to Beijing. Travel tip – if you’re planning to travel within China by train, it helps to buy your ticket in advance. Popular routes can be sold out for days/weeks, and it probably takes you an hour to queue and purchase your train ticket so you really should buy it in advance.

We also made friends with our hotel staff, even going out for supper together on our first night there. They brought us to a place which opens only for dinner/supper, and there were some make shift barbeque stalls selling awesome BBQ fish and chicken wings. Ivan and I wanted to buy the fish and chicken wings again on our last day only to realize that those were illegal stalls and they were chased away by the police. Lol. Oh well, I’m sure they’ll be up and running again in a few hours, too bad I had a plane to catch so I couldn’t wait for them to “reopen”.

My flight back to Singapore was at 120am, so I spent 3 hours alone at McDonald’s. I was staring blankly at the window and realized that, if you rotate/flip/mirror the word “Donald’s”. it looks like DOUGLAS!!! It just so happens to be my cousin’s name which was why I noticed it so quickly. See below:


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