A New Chapter

It has finally sunk in. I have graduated. Ivan’s going overseas. Life is beginning.

It started a few days ago when Ivan and I started emptying his dorm. Oh my god he has so much stuff there! I didn’t stay in hall in SMU, and when I was in RPI, I lived out of a suitcase, so packing up my stuff was real easy. But goodness, over 2 semesters, Ivan just brings more and more things and you’ll know it’s epic because we made 3 trips to his house!!! For an entire day I drove a “two-seater” car because the back seats and the boot was taken up by all his boxes. Lol!

Then Friday night, we had dinner with Jasen at Bistro 103. Haven’t met Jasen in more than a year, the last time I met him was before I went on exchange (Dec 2010) so we really had fun catching up. Fun fact, he got caught in Hurricane Katrina in NYC! I know, nothing to celebrate about, but it’s pretty cool hearing a first-hand account of it. How the “city that never sleeps” looked like something off an epidemic-type movie.

Friday late-night and Saturday was pretty much spent at IKEA and Sim Lim, buying new tables and a new computer. Ivan and I are headed down to my uncle’s place tomorrow to set up my “office/warehouse” so it’ll be pretty cool. Can’t wait to finally settle in!


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